Survival Wallet

What's included:
-Wallet made w/ polypropylene webbing
-550 FireCord (with tinder inside)
-Credit Card Knife
-1 inch ferro rod

The Survival Wallet is made of heavyweight polypropylene webbing with a breaking strength of nearly 2,000 pounds. Each wallet has an attachment loop made out of 550 FireCord with a 1 inch ferro rod and a minimalist credit card knife.
How it works:
Carry the Survival Wallet with you every day, everywhere. Remove all contents and carefully open the credit card knife. Using the knife, cut the Firecord and remove the red tinder strand. Tease about one inch of the tinder to make it more flammable. Save the excess tinder for later use. Scrape the ferro rod using the knife, aiming the sparks at the teased tinder.
Wasatch Outdoors is not responsible for accidents or injury related to the use of our products.
Made in USA

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