Survival Laces - Deluxe

The Deluxe Survival Laces are made of military grade 550 paracord. The core of the lace contains the standard seven strands of nylon, a 1 inch ferro rod, and one strand of tinder.

The tinder and rod are accessible by first removing the metal aglet. The tinder strand is colored red, waterproof, and is extremely flammable. Once the tinder is removed from the lace, it can be teased by a knife or sharp edge, giving it more volume and making it more flammable. The additional strands are good for building shelter, repairing gear, building a weapon or trap, bandaging a wound, catching game, etc. If you have had any experience with paracord you will know the list of possibilities is endless.

Product features:
- 550 Paracord
- Tinder (entire length of each lace)
- 1” Ferro rod



While we are confident that these survival laces will be a great necessity to your survival gear, we cannot guarantee that they will make you an expert survivalist. Although it would make for a good story, we do not wish for you to find yourself in the dismal situation of using the product to its capabilities. If you do find yourself in the moment of opportunity, it is important to "Remember... Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires"- Smokey Bear.

Materials in the product are flammable. Wasatch Outdoors is not responsible for any harm or damages that may occur from the use of the product.

Collections: Survival Laces

Type: Shoelace

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