Hoodie/Sweatshirt - Survival Lace - Fishing Line

Hook up your Hoodie/Sweatshirt with a 48" Survival Lace.

The Hoodie/Sweatshirt lace includes a 4 inch strand of tinder and a 1 inch ferrocerium rod. One end of the lace is filled with an 8th strand (tinder), which is accessible by first removing the metal aglet. This strand is colored red, waterproof, and is extremely flammable so it can be used as tinder. The tinder strand is cut to an optimal length of 4 inches, allowing you to use what is needed and leave you with a surplus (to accommodate those with amateur fire making skills or experience). Once the tinder is removed from the lace, it can be teased by a knife or sharp edge, giving it more volume and making it more flammable. Hand wash only.

Product Features:
-550 Paracord
- 4" Tinder
- 1" Ferro rod


While we are confident that these survival laces will be a great necessity to your survival gear, we cannot guarantee that they will make you an expert survivalist. Although it would make for a good story, we do not wish for you to find yourself in the dismal situation of using the product to its capabilities. If you do find yourself in the moment of opportunity, it is important to "Remember... Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires"- Smokey Bear.

Materials in the product are flammable. Wasatch Outdoors is not responsible for any harm or damages that may occur from the use of the product.


Type: Hoodie/Sweatshirt